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I was born and raised in Herning, a small town in Central Jutland, Denmark. There, from basements, garages, outbuildings and factories the clacking and humming sounds of sewing machines was heard day and night. Herning was a bustling textile center, and here, people who dreamt of making things were given the space to do so. 

I, however, had humble beginnings in this business. It all started in 1969 in a dilapidated fire

station with a second-hand weaving machine my father and I had brought from England. As a 21 year old who knew absolutely nothing about textiles I was taught the hard way — by making and fixing my own mistakes.

The more I worked, the more I learned. It was here I first developed a passion for knowledge.

After a while it paid off — I had my first customer. When I received that first order I sang all the way home in my car!

Despite starting with an old, second hand machine, as business progressed I saw the advantages of technology. Like knowledge, technology evolves and can make easy what was once difficult. Always looking for the latest technology and innovation, I would spend hours on—end driving and flying across the country in search of the latest and greatest ideas to help increase business.

From this perspective of innovation, ecology developed as a foundation to create new and unique products. I created my first ecological products more than 25 years ago. Over time, as technology and trends have changed, my commitment to knowledge, innovation and natural choices has not. This is a personal philosophy.

Time has a particular significance to me. Quality takes time and this is reflected in the product. I believe in an original and natural product, and this is the root of my love of cotton. I am inspired by the simplicity and honesty of a fiber that is harvested from a plant, grown from a seed, in the Earth, over time.

Like these cotton seeds, I now consider my own experience in the textile industry one which

has come time to harvest. As I was inspired by my father in 1969 to start with my own machine and ideas, I now seek to inspire my son, Mads, and future generations. KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL is this future founded upon the principles of my past.

Built upon a shared philosophy and love of technology, innovation and ecology, KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL is a family firm where tradition is more than storytelling. Tradition and family knowledge are used every day. Only in this way can we create quality products we can stand behind together that may live to inspire the next generation in another 25 years.

The many years I have spent in the textile industry have taught me perseverance and courage. Pursue your ideas as time is the ultimate judge. Dare to believe and stand upon principle. We may never reach our goals but the challenge and process of striving for them is ultimately the reward.


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